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Even if you aren’t the most devoted of cooks, preferring your favourite meal to arrive via the front door, we guarantee you’ll still want your kitchen to look incredible. Regardless of how much you use it, the kitchen is still one of the most frequented rooms in the house. People gather here at parties (as per the song lyrics) and hang around here at breakfast and beyond. Whether it’s grabbing a nibble to eat or simply enjoying a drink while you wait for your taxi, the kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most-used rooms in the home. Being so heavily used, the kitchen often finds itself becoming cluttered. This is perhaps why one of the biggest trends at the moment is simply decluttering and minimising as much as possible. Making the choice to have a clutter free kitchen takes more than simply throwing away the odd knife however. To give you a better idea, here are Andrew Nicolas’ top tips for designing a minimalist kitchen: MINIMALIST KITCHEN DESIGN

1. IN BUILT APPLIANCES While many may tell you to sacrifice your microwave in the name of minimalism, here at Andrew Nicolas, we simply advise ensuring all appliances are in-built. That means no more microwaves taking up space on your worktops as they can simply be built into your cupboard space along with cookers. You could even check out the incredible taps that offer boiled water at the touch of a button to help free up more space that your kettle would otherwise take up. Think of sleek hobs fitted into kitchen islands and fridge freezer units hidden behind a wall of smooth, flat, glossy cupboard doors.

2. HANDLELESS DESIGNS Handleless cupboards have become hugely popular in recent years thanks to modern technology creating fantastic push-to-open cupboard fixtures. With handles removed, cupboards doors suddenly become much sleeker and much more minimal in appearance. Handles break up the appearance of your cupboards. Removing them therefore creates a more streamlined appearance. Trust us when we say, handleless design is the way forward.

3. SMOOTH FLAT FINISHES While Shaker style cupboards will always be popular, for those wanting a truly minimal kitchen, they simply aren’t the right fit. Think sleek, flat surfaces. You may even want to consider rounded corners on the end of cupboards to create smooth, sleek lines, hiding join lines.

4. STORAGE, STORAGE AND MORE STORAGE When working with a company such as ourselves, you have the benefit of being able to explain your end goal. When people discuss a minimalist appearance, we know that one of the best ways to achieve this is through storage. Our bespoke kitchen design will mean taking advantage of every possible inch of your kitchen to maximise storage and thus hide every appliance, piece of crockery and even every item of food where possible. With everything hidden and stored correctly, your kitchen will be totally free from clutter and that minimalist look easily achieved.

CONTACT ANDREW NICOLAS TODAY If you’d like more help and advice when it comes to designing the ultimate minimalist kitchen, simply contact the Andrew Nicolas Interiors today on 01245 697552 or via email:

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